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  Industrial Engineering Labs  

Work System Design Lab Area 160sq.m

Bench Drilling Machine

Bench Grinder

Video Camera


Stop watches Analog -3 Nos. Digital- 6 Nos

Eye Fatigue Tester

Eye Hand Coordination Tester

Bed switch Assembly

Pin board Assembly

Envelope Assembly

Quality Control Lab

It mainly involves study and analysis of process capability and variability & statistical techniques.

Experiment setup for

Verification of central limit theorem

Construction of variable control charts

Construction of attribute control charts.

Acceptance sampling

Inspection of non destructive testing

Finished product inspection

Metrology & Instrumentation Lab

Micrometers of different types

Height Guages

Vernier Calipers of different types

Depth Gauges

Dial gauges of different types

Portable ultrasonic detector

Caliberation slide set

Precision square

Slide duplicator

Electronic comparator

Small hole gauge

Glazing machine

Surface roughness measuring Equipment

Magnetic crack detector with accessories

Stylus assembly 20micron

Telescope gauge 150mm

Weston euromaster exposure meter

Profile projector

Metallurgical microscope- 3nos

Profile drawing equipment

Polishing equipment

Cutting force measuring equipment

Tool makers microscope

Heat treatment furnace


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